The Marine Energy Council is the voice of the UK’s tidal stream and wave energy industries.

The Marine Energy Council (MEC) represents technology and project developers, consultants, test-centres and sites, academics, associations, manufacturers, and small and medium sized enterprises.

Our vision is for ocean energy to play a key role in a secure, cost-effective, and fair transition to net zero, enabling investment, exporting great British innovation, and levelling up with employment opportunities across the UK.

We welcome all those that share our ambitions for the UK to be a world-leader in harnessing the power of its ocean’s tides and waves. For information on joining the MEC please see our membership page.

What is tidal stream energy?

Tidal stream energy is created by the natural ebb and flow of coastal waters caused by the gravitational interaction between the moon, sun and the earth. This is a predictable process, and when harnessed by tidal stream devices, will provide over 11% of the UK’s current electricity demand with a renewable firm power resource.


What is wave energy?

Wave energy converters capture the movement of ocean and sea waves to create electricity. It is the largest untapped energy source in the world with 3.6TW of potential. The UK has tremendous wave resource which could provide over 20% of its current electricity demand, with an energy resource that is more predictable and consistent than other renewables.